JUY-817-[* Caution! !! Misanthropy *] Window cleaning NTR I was struck by that guy who was a colleague and fired the company ... I was acting as a window cleaning. I'm also in charge of this hotel, where unlucky couples are playing around in the middle of the day. A woman who turns her back to the window and shakes her hips over a man and a man who violently embraces the woman. It's a story when my life fell to the bottom when I knew what they were ...

JUY-817-【※注意!!人间不信※】窗清扫员NTR 俺は同僚だったあの野郎に嵌められ会社をクビ…窗清扫员として动いていた。 不伦カップルが真っ昼间からじゃれあっているこのホテルも俺の担当だ。窗に背を向け男に跨り腰を振る女とその女を激しく抱く男…。 そいつらの正体を知って俺の人生がどん底に堕ちていった时の话です…。

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